The Rising of the Dark

Characters being played:

Nadjana (escapee from Pan Tang)
Marion (Nihrain Shadowdancer); she carries most of the Runestaff, an artefact of cosmic significance.
Sir Blanque (Filkharian noble)

[The scenario that follows is based upon the old White Dwarf mini-campaign The Rising of the Dark, which I played a very long time ago when it was first published across six issues of the magazine. I took out a membership of Scribd a while ago, and found The Best of White Dwarf Scenarios III on there, which includes the material for Irillian. I ported it across to the current location for our intrepid adventurers.]

The group heads towards the border town of Y'shath, where they will cross the River Shath on the return journey to Valed-Hal. As capital of the Valerian Directorates, Valed-Hal is one of the most powerful cities in the continent of Menastree to the east of the Weeping Wastes; here the rest of the party's expedition is in negotiations over trade routes, led by Duke Avan Astran of …

Major Catch-up

The start of semester this year has been the worst I've ever experienced, so the best I can do most evenings after getting back from work is either collapse in a heap or join the kids in binge-watching Dr Who. I can't even be bothered painting. However, the campaign has been continuing; I just haven't had the energy or time to update the blog. This post brings everything up to date.

Anakheera and the Gardens of Ynn
After returning to Anakheera, Destiny tells the others that she really wants to take time out to study, now that she feels powerful enough to finish Theleb K'aarna's grimoire. The problem, however, is that it still remains in the group's base at Gorjhan. She tries to summon a one-off teleport demon for a quick round trip to fetch the grimoire, but fails spectacularly. Perhaps their current location far to the east of the Young Kingdoms is having an effect on the standard magical formulae.

She then asks the others to accompany her to the entry area of …

Gardens of Ynn

The characters activate the gateway by inserting Destiny's coin into the octagonal framework. An image is projected onto the far wall of the room, growing more and more solid until it appears - a simple doorway in the wall. It looks like a garden gate. It is.

Sir Blanque, Marion and Destiny step through into a meadow with fields and rolling countryside all around them, apart from the portal through which they entered. Everything is very bright and summery, with vibrant insects and vegetation that seem just a little too bright and too large, much as when one first encounters unknown species in a new part of the world. The characters set off to explore, encountering many strange sights and locations:

A small stone 'folly' - an artfully constructed pseudo-ruin, full of empty nests.Some spectacular orchid houses, albeit with strange rumbling coming from under the ground.A metallic hive constructed by five very large bumblebees that drip oxidised nectar. They give these a very …

A weird revelation

The four main characters continue northwards on their journey to the dormant volcano named after Khakun, Lord of the Earth - this is the eastern realms' version of Grome. Destiny reckons that she can placate Grome, because she has enough knowledge to set up a ritual summoning, and Bomilcar quite fancies aligning himself with the earth. Sir Blanque and Marion come along for the ride - all for one, and one for all. Or something like that. This expedition is producing something for everyone.

As they reach the foothills rising towards the Withered Peaks, the group hears a really strange metallic booming sound coming from a valley off to their right (i.e. somewhat eastwards of their intended route). They decide to investigate, and see a huge cloud of scintillating insects congregating around a fixed point in the distance. Cresting the hills in front of them, they come across a very large metallic statue of a man in the lotus position; the noises are emanating from there. It sounds as t…